Show Notes: Have you ever had doubts of starting a business because you’re too young? Well, sit tight as Juliette Brindak, who started at the age of 16, shares the story of how she turned doodles into a million dollar business. Her journey is such an inspiration to thousands of […]

         Show Notes: Join me on our first milestone of the 10th episode! With International speaker, success coach and author Lindsay Adamson from She shares with us why she quit her multiple 6-figure sales job, being a corporate celebrity in a Canadian corporation to go live the life of her dreams. Lindsay […]

         Show Notes: On today’s episode Jeff J Hunter from 9010 Lifestyle shares his amazing story of how he left his 6-Figure “Day Job” as a project manager. He shares his struggle to get his wife onboard with his Virtual Assistant Services business idea and at the same time was going through […]

         Show Notes:   On today’s episode Ashraf Ali, an amazon guru, shares with us the journey of struggles that he had to get past in order to succeed with his amazon business. Ashraf tried many, many different online businesses and most of them failed before ever launching. Ashraf shares with us […]

       Show Notes:   On today’s episode, Jacques Hopkins shares the struggles and the journey that he went through from being a full-time engineer to become a modern-fast paced piano teacher. Jacques gave himself a predetermined date for his business to start supporting him, his wife and 6-months old daughter. During this time, […]

         Show Notes:   On THS 6 my very good friend Heather DeSantis joins us to share with us the story behind quitting her $50k a year job in her early 20s to start and become a PR Agency making $30k per month! Her story is definitely one that you must listen […]

       Show Notes: On today’s episode, Lakshmia from LMF Consulting Group shares with us her hustling story that she had never shared before. Lakshmia went from being homeless, living in a hotel, using Target’s wifi to build her business, to owning and running an amazing digital marketing agency by the age of 23. But is […]

   Show Notes: On today’s episode, Social Sonja shares great insights with us about how she always thought that being jack of all trades and offering variety of marketing services would help her position her business. She soon realized that by focusing on one thing and get to be known as an expert in that […]

       Show Notes On Episode 3, Jeremy Wenger shares his amazing story of how he turned his past tragedies into a successful company. Jeremy helps other entrepreneurs to get back on their feet when they somebody close to them pass away. Jeremy is an extraordinary man, looking to change people’s life and his […]

   Show Notes On this episode, Ramon Smothers from joins us to share his incredible journey of how he was able to overcome his biggest fears, how he turned his life around when everything went wrong for him, and how he was able to build a successful online business blogging. Ramon is a true […]