THS 4: How to Stop Being Jack of All Trades and Become an Expert with Social Sonja


Show Notes:

On today’s episode, Social Sonja shares great insights with us about how she always thought that being jack of all trades and offering variety of marketing services would help her position her business. She soon realized that by focusing on one thing and get to be known as an expert in that area would take her much further than being jack of all trades.

Social Sonja is a Social Media Expert that is well known in the industry now, but this wasn’t the case some years ago. Social Sonja had a rough time growing up in Serbia. She comes from a small 1,800 people town, where women got married very young, and her parents couldn’t afford her college. Of course for a strong girl like Social Sonja, she had hunger for achieving what people had told her it was impossible. She worked hard and save to attend college. Then, she moved to the US not knowing english, with an empty bank account, and had no idea where to start.

Social Sonja has achieved amazing things in her life and with her business and she holds nothing back on today’s episode. You’re in for a treat! So click play and enjoy the ride.


Episode Transcript:


Christian:       Hey hustlers, welcome back my name is Christian and I am the host of hustle show, we will have an amazing and incredible conversation with successful entrepreneurs about the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur. I’m so excited to have you here, thank you so much for tuning in to our hustle show episode number four. On today’s episode we’re going to have the amazing and incredible social media experts social Sonia. She has a truly inspiring story and the reason why she’s here in the show today is because just like me she was born and raised in another country she came into the U.S. not knowing a bit of English, not knowing anything about the culture, not knowing anybody and even though she had all the odds against her she was able to find her passion and was able to monetize on her passion and build this incredible and amazing business that she has and not only that but she did all this while being a full-time mum, which is incredible and I admire her for that and I wanted to share this story with you so that you can you can see that when you have that driven passion, you can make anything happen and before we jump into our call, remember that you can find the show notes resources and our book club on top of finding both our video experience of the episode and also our audio experience podcast episode at the And if you’re new to the show or you haven’t done it yet make sure you hit that subscribe button okay because that helps other people find our show and get to connected with me and with all the successful entrepreneurs that come into the show, so without further ado let’s jump into a call with social Sonia.

Christian:                Alright hustlers, so on today’s episode Social Sonia is joining us, welcome Social Sonia.

Social Sonia:         Hello, hello hustlers I’m actually honored to be here thanks so much for having me

Christian:                Yeah, absolutely we’re very excited to have you, we talked a little bit about your story and I feel kind of connected with you, because you know I was born and raised in another country as well and as soon as I heard that and I saw your successes like we got ahead we got our head Social Sonia on the show.

Social Sonia:         Yes and this is always connection this is how we relate to each other where people from different country it’s easy to really connect and relate immediately.

Christian:                Yeah absolutely and looks like, I mean you’re pretty successful in the social media industry, I love your pillows in your back as well your social icons there

Christian:                [laughs]

Christian:                Absolutely

Social Sonia:         Offer it now

Christian:                To all the hustlers who are looking this in our YouTube channel, you’re definitely enjoying those pillows back there, I’m just excited talking to you, getting the opportunity to talk to you, hear your story, share all the hustle stories that you have for us today, so if you want to just tell us a little bit how do you got started into social media, how did all that happen?

Social Sonia:         I actually worked 9-5 and always wanted to have something on the side and I wasn’t sure exactly what, but at a time I was I had a son and I saw all the moms that I was hanging out with they were obsessed with the stock sales, so I saw there was something missing it comes to stock sales, so I made a pretty different concept of how tax sale should be should be run, so I actually set up my own website and it’s still out there I’m not really working doing anything right now with it but it’s but it’s called and is for moms to connect their until she set up play dates and to refer them to sell and buy different clothes, so I had this amazing idea and then I started learning about how to actually set up website right and I realized that it was extremely difficult to do it. So what I did I was, I hired a website designer and he listen to me carefully what I really wanted to stop you can actually implement all kind of things into our website, because it acquired different kind of plugins that it wasn’t really easy. So and then he asked me a question? Hey do you have a Facebook business page and I said yeah, I do have a Facebook and he said you must have a business page, and I said what do you mean and he said well you have to have a business page for what do you do because he cannot be doing this on a personal and I was like okay let me see what is different. So I started learning actually about a business page right so I somehow learn how to do is set up my business page for “momstocksale” and I start really you know running this page and I was just amazed about you know learn how to create the graphics, learn how to make Posts, learn how to engage learn how to share my posts where to go, I met this networking of amazing moms and how they are relating to each other, how they’re connected, how to get in a circles of popular moms that they have different kind of businesses session. I learned all this stuffs, I learned how to blog and how to publish my blog so it was like the whole learning thing. So I was always talking about my website and then my Facebook page and everyone started asking me about hey, how did you do this, how would you do this how did you make this graphic how did you post how did you know how can I do this how do you set a group? And so I started answering these questions until one person actually said hey, I would like to actually hire to do this for me, I was like what do you mean hired to do this for you? She was yeah, I will pay you if you can manage my page and at the time he actually had a page that that was created like a store, but he had something similar and I start actually managing his page and from me realizing that this can be something paid, I realized well I could actually make a business out of this, so I learned more about how can I actually have a business.

                                    I got few trainings, worked with few coaches and set up my business to do social media for other businesses right for local businesses and at the time had second child and because I needed to move to a different state, my work was 45 minutes away, I had a new baby, I had that three-half year all the time and driving 45 minutes back and forth with two kids it was like impossible right, and my job role didn’t even pay that much for me to even make sense out of it, so to me it made more sense to figure out if I can have my own business or to work from home, that’s exactly what I did. So I quit my job and I started my business and hired a coach and she helped me to set it up properly and this is how I started Social Sonia, so my business is now called social Sonia and help small business owners and entrepreneurs with Social media, Facebook ads and especially how to attract more clients for their business. So that’s overall how I started, but there are a few other things that I definitely want to talk about how, I managed to actually become more known so we can talk about it too.

Christian:                Alright, yeah we will be getting to a little bit more into your story, but entrepreneurship is hard by itself, but when I hear that you’re a mom full-time mom and then on top of that you’re a full-time entrepreneur, how does that life what you know what’s are your emotions, what crosses your mind is like I bet it’s not easy.

Social Sonia:         Yes, it is not easy and it right now it’s much easier, because my mindset is different but when I started it was a huge struggle and what I really was struggling was really how to think about all this right, but I didn’t really think too much I was just doing it, so the way I did it, I will be with my kids during the time while my husband is at work and then when he comes home, I go upstairs or I go to Starbucks or to library or anywhere where I had different kind of spots where I will do my business and work. I work on my business and work on clients business, so after he comes home and then I wake up again in the morning I was with the kids and he got spec right so and anything they’ll have an app or anything opportunity oh help, I’ll actually take this opportunity and work or on a business. So there was never time that I’ll have time to should think about how to do this I just I just was like waiting for a moment to start working so every little time they’ll be for work right, so that was like for a really long time for me and it was very difficult but now when I think about it is difficult right, but in our lives there was no other option, that was it. Right now my son Sunjud is on break, but right now he goes to school and then other son goes twice a week to the preschool and actually nursery school so I do have a little more time.

Christian:                That was probably one of your motivations to keep going you know get your business get your schedule so that you can focus on family.

Social Sonia:         Exactly and you know when you have kids and when you are driven to actually make your business, it works, it simply just it works, so you didn’t have time to think about different struggles, but the one thing that I will tell you that I wish I thought more about was my health, because I totally put my health on the side, I obviously was working more than and I’m supposed to and I didn’t really go to the gym, I didn’t really follow all kind of rules that are out there for entrepreneurs to use when comes to you know really making sure that you’re taken care of and comes to health right so now that’s another thing that I really work on hard so when I make sure that I am healthy I keep balance with it so that’s another thing that I wish I knew the time well I was like really hustling

Christian:                I bet it’s you know because now we’re talking about running a business taking care of the kids but then now taking care of your health.

Social Sonia:        Exactly!

Christian:                Did your health have any repercussions because you were living it, on the side? Do you have any problems with your health or anything like that?

Social Sonia:         I didn’t even know I had that problem until I realized I keep forgetting keys, I was forgetting what I was going to say, I was forgetting um you know what happened and seems like I’m extremely tired and exhausted I can’t focus right, so friend of mine said hey you probably should be trying my holistic doctor and she’s awesome, so I said okay why not? So I went and I said I’m really you know having hard time to focus and I have more work than I ever did and I’m extremely tired so I really need to do something, give me some kind of pill, something so I can keep working and she’s said, I don’t think this is how it works, she was like let me just test you out and then when she tests me out, it was just like disaster to find out it all I was missing so much nutrition and I didn’t take care of my sleeping routine, I didn’t drink enough water, so she took care of it, she gave like 6 months milk plan, she gave like vitamins I need to take on daily basis, every month I need to see her, she need to check me, check me out, I need to have a sleeping routine, and it’s just everything was changed, but after a month, I was feeling so much better, now do they know that I am good, I exercise, now I do eat well, and I sleep well, and I feel now more energy to do my job well, before I thought sleeping less is going to give me more time to work, but after one year of really kind of doing this and working hard, I realized that I had less time to work, because when I was working just tired and losing focus. So to me if someone is listening right now, if you guys can really think about if you are trying to burn yourself down during the day don’t do this, because this is going to cause you latter, right now is very important for you to exercise and drink enough water and sleep well and then you will have enough energy to do more in two hours than you will do in four hours, so that’s contains what I actually improved on since last year.

Christian:               Yea that’s funny, but you mentioned one of my own rules that it doesn’t matter how much work I have, I have to get my 8 hours sleep.

Social Sonia:         And this is exactly how it should be there is nothing wrong in it, doesn’t mean you are hustler than other people, if you sleep 8 hours it means you are really taking care of yourself and you not really get burns, so that’s exactly how it should be, but sometimes if you don’t really know to do these things or you don’t think them as important, you just simply don’t do them they will really cost you at the end so much. So, 8 hours sleep is what we need and that is what is good for your body that is for sure.

Christian:                Yea absolutely, so going back to your story a little bit, when you were trying to hustle with the kids, trying to hustle with working on the side on your business, was there any doubt on your side that you can actually turn something that you will learn on your own that you were doing for fun, did you doubt in yourself that you can turn it into a profitable business?

Social Sonia:         Oh, 100% even now sometimes I doubt myself, much less than I did it before, because I don’t compare myself anyone so much, but the time I started, I really started looking up to different stars that are in business, try to do what they do, copy their systems, and use the same systems and process they were using right. And then that not only these other entrepreneurs were using the same thing and they will be more successful and I will always question, “Why I’m I not successful like that because I see them always churning up more clients or more wealth or more different kinds of interviews or they were just better at the business than I was comparing to them, when you start comparing to somebody else, or sometimes you start comparing to somebody else who is not the way you want to be, then no matter what, you will dub yourself, so as long as you can go back to your “why” and where you want to go and why you are doing this and understand that you need to follow your steps, and follow your chapters, sometimes you need to follow your chapter from 1 – 14, and then you try to see why this person is more successful than I am, but you forget probably that person may have being working 10 years in that business while you have been working for 2 years in that industry, so when I realized that difference and who I am and what I want to do, I simply just….I still have times like, I just can’t do this, it’s not working, what can I do to better or I don’t know why, what I’m doing wrong, I see other people succeeding, I do have less because then I couldn’t go back to the Social Sonia, what Social Sonia wants, what are my skills, what I’m I supposed to be strong at. So I didn’t pay attention to my weakness. I am trying to work on something that will make me better, I really want to polish my strengths rather than work on something that I am struggling with. I used to be jack of all trades, I use to learn as much everything possible so I can be the best, but you cannot be best, but when I decide to focus on one thing, I was able to show, more better skills, and I was able to attract better client, I was able to show that I was more successful, just because I was focusing on one thing, there was something I didn’t notice before, while I was seeing all those successful people, while I was jack of all trade, then I really took time and looked at successful people then I came to realize that they are successful because they are successful in one thing. So I started working on my strength, see how people are seeing me, and you know what are my really, what kind of message I’m commending out there and what can I really help with like, this is my strongest claim.

Christian:                That sounds very totally useful, because I think a lot of people have that problem, they compare with the other guy that has 6 figures and they are not or the other guy, you are making 6 and they are making 7, so why, I think that a huge problem going into the entrepreneurial community, so what kind of tips will you give them to stop comparing themselves to somebody else but to focus on themselves like you said, try to focus on their strength.

Social Sonia:         Well, really evaluation of skills is something you should do very often, the reason why you want to do what you want to do, what do you want to do? Who you want to work with, who you want to help is something that you should be asking yourself until you figure out what is your exact niche. Sometimes people feel like they should niche in that because they probably will be working with less people which is not true. You should really be reaching down and see what you are strong at right? And so you have to be an expert at something, something that people will go to you for. So that is something you really need to narrow down, and narrowing down, what you are strong at will help you actually stop comparing yourself with other people and will help you be more confident, will help you be in the right circles, will help you be in front of the people you need to be in front of. And of course you want to be in front of people you can be able to help, that you can give some solution and help them get to the next place they want to be. So what is something that you can help people with? You cannot really help people if you are jack of all trades, you need to pick something you are strong at and work on it and be known for it. It is all about what do you want to be known for? What are you strong at? I really suggest to everyone listening right now to focus on their strength rather than weaknesses. That is the number one thing that helped me.

Christian:                Very cool, it sounds like you have all your businesses running and you figured out your niche and you became this expert in this area and you are already well known and everybody knows you, but I know Social Sonia comes from another country, I know it was probably tough at the beginning, how was that transition between somebody from another country, how was that transition over the time to become this successful social media expert?

Social Sonia:         I was always driven, no matter somewhere someone put me in I will always feel some kind of strength to move forward. So while growing up in Serbia, it was somewhat a difficult time for me. Difficult time, because I grew up in a war, it was a ten years war, extremely difficult for everyone in the country and for myself, I was a child at the time. And after the war, I was eighteen and didn’t know what to do next, it was a difficult time financially, my parents could not afford to pay for my college while all my friends were going to college, so that was for me an extremely difficult time. So what I did was, actually I grew up in a small village, there are 1800 in this village

Christian:               That’s small

Social Sonia:         That is small right? Everyone knows everyone, so I said to my father I want to move to a big city and he was extremely upset with me because that was a big no-no. He was so upset with me and did not want to speak with me, but I said no matter what certainly I have to live my life, so I move to big city. I worked the worst odd jobs out there, but finally I found a job that I was able to pay for my apartment and my food. Then I secretly went to the college, I found out I can I enroll in, I worked so hard. They said if you are a top student on the test, you can get all your college paid. So what I did I worked so hard for this test and I passed it, I actually got my college pays for me, for the first year and that got me time to actually collect money for other year. I enrolled in college, I went back to my parents that I’m in college, don’t worry about anything, I can handle this I pay all my bills and apartment and finish my college. My major is accounting and finance, I never actually worked in a field but it’s something that I actually learned so much from it because you know there’s another skill that you can add to what I’m doing right now. When I finished college, I realized there is no job for me, so for three years there was a man that has extremely successful business in my country and he said once you finish college right and he never hired me, that was my huge disappointment, so I heard about some people going to America, so I said I want to go to America too, and I figured out ways how I can come here it was extremely expensive and absolutely was I had every possible no, on my way that I could not go, because I didn’t have you know different I didn’t have access to things that people did have that could come here, I didn’t have money to come here somehow I don’t even know how but I did put everything together and I try and I tried then I succeeded. I was able to come to this country, so as soon as I got here I actually I enrolled in college here and I started working, it was extremely hard for me, I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know English, I did not know what whatever will I be doing and how long I’m going to be staying here like it was absolutely I did not know anything it was the riskiest thing I have ever done in my life. Plus all my family and friends they thought it was the absolute craziest thing and I should absolutely not do it, plus they said go ahead go there and you’ll come home in few months, because you will not succeed. Well I did succeed, I took nine classes of English the first year while other people take you know four or five English I said I took nine because I wanted to make sure this I can speak English and correct English. I jumped immediately to English 101 and then pass English 102 which was a huge accomplishment, I was always in a community helping and then I became one of their student at a college here in America and they apply to become a president of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and I was actually picked to be Hana society new regional president of Phi Theta Kappa and the time I was president of 58 colleges in the United States in the in the Honor society, so that for me was huge accomplishment and it gave me wings and gave me confidence the no matter what in my life I will face going forward I can succeed, because somebody who comes to the United States with no know English and then two years after becomes regional president of the Honor society, it’s actually a huge achievement and a huge confidence booster.

Once I had that confidence booster realize what I’m really good at, I had no problem always find in that confident person in me when I had a hard time even now when I have a hard time overcoming something I always go back to this person did had a confidence to win, the confidence to say yes I can, the confidence to say no to my father, the confidence to say to come to this country without knowing anybody. So I always go back to this feeling where I feel I can do this, so today I have different struggles, you say you I look all put together in comes my business but it’s not always like that, it’s daily struggle, even though I have my higher goals, I have different things I want to accomplish so that’s my new struggle. Other were any more struggle things I have already accomplished therefore some people are there just on a way to accomplish that, today I have different struggles, there on different level but every day I struggle or a bigger manner however you want to say it right, but every time I feel beaten up or I feel low in confidence or I feel I just simply don’t have what it takes, I go back to that persona that was extremely confident and they were successful they have done this this this and that and I always feel this is my power. So I do suggest you guys if you can list all your accomplishments that you have done in your life, so you heard from me that I have told you already few accomplishments that I have done. I have done  those are my accomplishments that I believe those are huge accomplishments so it may be somebody who is listening right now, they may think oh there’s nothing to me at a time there was accomplishment right so I consider this accomplishment, I consider my strong point, I considered it when I was happy, when I was strong and you need to release those accomplishments on the list and any time you feel down anytime you feel you don’t have what it takes you look at the list and say yes, I did this, yes I did this, yes I did this and that’s one thing that will always push you forward, because nobody can motivate you like you can motivate yourself and I know deep down every one of you have something that you were good at, no matter how ridicule it sounds to somebody else, you know how you felt at the time. I know how I was proud when I heard my name being announced that I am regional president now to all these colleges. I remember how I was proud when the person at the embassy said hey you passed you can go, I remember him putting the stamp on my passport, I remember the moment of being proud I remember when I call up my parents and said I enrolled in a college and you don’t have to pay anything taking care of me, I remember that sound in a voice it that I will never forget they’re proud of me right, so no matter what or how you feel and whatever you remember as your accomplishment you should write it on a list and always go back to that any time you feel just beaten or just feel like you are have been struggling or you know losing for some time, that’s something that I will suggest to everyone because there’s something that’s really helps me in time.

Christian:                Wow, that is a very impressive story, it’s definitely a lot  more than I expected, your story is amazing and that’s one of the reasons that I felt that we needed to share it, because I keep saying there is no such thing as overnight success overnight success takes 10, 20, 30 years, so you never know  and that’s the reason of the show. Always sharing what’s the real harsh that there is with entrepreneurship and through all your hustle things and all what you went through  moving from country trying to get accepted here trying to go to college trying to learn English, what kept you going  what does that motivation look like? What was your goal what were you trying to achieve.

Social Sonia:         I really wanted to live the life I felt I deserve, growing up in in country I’m from Serbia and women there marry younger and they do certain jobs that men don’t do and that was never for me, I felt I deserved more, I felt that I have to be celebrity in some kind of way, I always felt need to have a stage, no matter what how small or big I want to have a stage right because I felt that I have something to share with the world and to get there you need to have certain skills and talents and work on it really work hard, so to me being able to inspire and motivate people no matter what, whether to teach them about the business, whether to give them more confidence boost or motivate them or you know really be able to be a happiest place of my life that was my desire always. So whenever I feel I am not happy I always need to go back to the “what I really want to do in my life” “what I really want to be” and then my advice really to be able to be in front of people and help them out and give them that courage. Not everyone has courage, but somehow whenever I share my story or any little thing that I feel people need to hear they feel more encouraged, so giving people courage is something that is extremely powerful and I’m an extremely courageous person. I like to try new things, I like to take new challenge on and not everyone is this way but I believe that people are not this way, because they feel they’re comfortable in their zone. When you’re in comfortable zone there’s nothing happening, so when you are outside of your comfort zone is when things are happening, so for me when I speak to people to bigger and smaller crowds I always some way I encourage them right  so getting people out of this comfort zone is really creating some kind of special atmosphere and energy and power that I really enjoy. So my rise will to be able to connect with  people too for them to be able to relate to me motivate them and encourage them, so at this time I teach again about business and about social media and about Facebook ads and about how to work with your ideal client, this is something I’ve really enjoyed working and teaching people. But down the road you never really know how I will be able to relate to people, so just to give 100% and just to really be the best I can be it was always my motivation and the  struggle wasn’t something I was going to accept, never in my life. That actually was always empowering me more than in some way putting me down, my dream is to live my life and be the best I can, this time this is in America and this is the country I absolutely love and this is a country I feel like I was born because it’s its energy is amazing here and I  really can be whatever I can be, it’s almost like for some people that are listen, it is almost like watching Zootopia, you really can be whatever you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do, it’s extremely amazing country to be here to be in and live in so there are so many people in my country that I they still call me or message me or connect with me or daily basis and ask me how I got here, when I’m more successful I can help them to be more successful. I always share with my entrepreneur friends, I always say I like to hire people from my country because when I hired them from my country I actually inspire them, then most of the time they kids of eighteen and nineteen,  twenty old or even older, they finish the college they don’t have a job, when they see me here in America they feel inspired and they feel they want to get more, so no matter what , it’s not always about the , it is not about how much I  pay them or about the payment they give them, however it’s about them being really inspired and saying hey, I can do this even though I’m from poor country, there is no job for me and I just finished college I don’t need to be depressed, I actually can work with Americans like I’m American right, it’s fine to say but you know with people like Sonia. So they can work with me, they can work with you they can actually work for different… doesn’t have to be American companies, it can be Canadian or Australian doesn’t matter but for them to actually know that this is not their limit there’s something out there they can do it’s something that  really inspires me. So again being the best it helps me to help other people so again I will not like to say that I am when somebody ask, that I could say bigger house, maybe more cars, but that wasn’t what I would wish for but that is not really my dream, my dream is to have everything I  have now and just be able to give back, because to me being able to have a stage and share what I have with people it’s important to me.

Christian:                I love that story, I love how you are not only focusing yourself but you’re giving back to other people and trying to motivate them and especially in those type of countries where there’s not as much opportunity I mean here everybody can jump into the internet, but in those  countries it’s a little harder sometimes, and it’s not as easy anything whatever idea you have is just harder. I know, because I told you my story, I’m from Mexico too and every time I go, I mean I’m just amazed I see the opportunity, but they don’t because I mean they don’t have the mindset, they don’t have the tools, it’s a lot harder everything is  harder, so I’m very impressed that you’re doing all this like I said you’ve come a long way and I’m proud of what you’ve done and I know you were you’re headed there right away and there’s a lot of success where you’re headed, but just for all the hustlers that are listening to and trying to inspire them, what would you say is your secret of success?

Social Sonia:         Well it’s being dreaming right, I’m dreamer Joe no matter what I know that I want to accomplish different things, right now I want to finish my course, this is where now I wanner work on, I want to build bigger Facebook group, I want to speak more I want to connect with more entrepreneurs, I want to have more clients right, so I am driven and if you don’t have that drive it’s something that you need to actually look for. I know somebody says that not everyone is driven and not everyone can have it, but you need to look for what drives you, I believe that every person can be driven, but you need to see what motivates you so I would love for everyone now who is listening to look inward what motivates them what it gives them Sparkle for what gives them why there are sometimes better, why they are working more. So when they literally realize what is there “why” and what makes them feel a certain way and happy and successful they should do more of that right so what is your drive? When you are driven there is no obstacle on the road, they’re just little bumps that you will jump over and become stronger. So when you are driven you can do everything, so if you can keep them drive all the time  on the high volume that’s something that I suggest to everyone and if you are not dreaming right now feel like I don’t know  what to do, I don’t know where to go, it’s just simple nothing is working for me or I just try and didn’t work, I don’t know how to do it try to find what really drives you and trying to find how can you turn around things are happening to you right now, turn around those bad things, turn around those negative things, being able to pick up yourself up quickly is important that’s also a part of my success, because I am able to fall down every day I should fall down every now every day I just had some hiccups, but I actually am able to pick up myself up immediately and you see okay what can I do now what can I do now okay what can I do now that’s immediate reaction. That’s something that you can work on your drive and being able to pick  yourself up faster and work on your skills that you actually are already good at, just polish them that’s all I can really say focus on your strength and forget about your weaknesses.

Christian:                Very cool, yeah I mean and I love how you basically are saying it very easy I mean when you say know where you’re going you know just set up a goal and go for it and I think that’s a big problem with people that they want to do so many things at a time that they really don’t know what  they want to achieve.

Social Sonia:         and that’s this is one thing because people can only focus  on one thing without distractions. So focus on one thing you want accomplish in next 90 days what do you want to work on? Do you want to have more clients? Do you want to have bigger Facebook? Do you want to finish your course? Do you want to serve your agency or do you want to get five more clients, whatever your goal is, work on one goal don’t jump on so many things, so when you start jumping from one thing to another this is where people become all-around  distracted and people become very discouraged, because they don’t see result, focus on one thing and until it is accomplished do more. So that’s one thing that I really want to suggest to you, because again I was jack-of-all-trades  didn’t see much success I even I really wanted to speak more and in 2016 I have done over 50 workshops two of them are in New York City, because I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to be known for, so put  yourself out there if this takes you to do 50 workshops which like probably too extreme, but if he takes you 50 workshops to figure out what you want to do, just be it just do it right, you didn’t know, no one told me to do 50 workshops I came up with it myself, it was not something else just to everyone but I would just say if this, what it will just take to figure out what you want to do in your life then do it right, so I just simply after working so hard and figure out what I want to do I figure out that what I’m good at  right so figure out what you’re good at and just focus on one thing  and that’s that’s this message s to you.

Christian:                I love that, to all the hustlers that are listening you know just focusing your passion focus on one thing niche down and become an expert in that area don’t try to be jack-of-all-trades like you said.

Social Sonia:         Exactly, because no one remembers jack-of-all-trades, because what people come to you then you know and you know what you want to be known for and you really enjoy that when people introduce and say hey, this person is the best podcaster right, this person yes, you know he interviews people the best and people want to be on his podcast. So or he makes the best green tea right or whatever you want to be known for one thing right.

Christian:                The green tea company that we run is matcho I don’t know if you’re familiar with matcho, but it’s very energetic and I drink three or three or four cups a day and so I was talking to somebody yesterday and they said oh is that your secret of how you are always so active, I was like yeah, I think so

Social Sonia:         Yes you see so this is what do you want to be known for, what people will always you know saying hey, I need more energy I need this guy, right so that’s something you want to be really known for and just you know speak to say so again how you think about everything, what you do, be self-aware, evaluate yourself and just go from there.

Christian:                Okay so I know you’re pretty smart very intelligent I want to see how you do in our hustle round where we’re going to try to step you out of your comfort zone and I’m basically just going to give you a walk and you’re going to throw out whatever word pops into your mind and if it’s a bad word we can censor it later so don’t worry about that does that sound like a plan?

Social Sonia:         Sure, just one word right?

Christian:                Just one word, okay here we go: hustle!

Social Sonia:         Heart

Christian:                Work

Social Sonia:         A lot

Christian:                Employee

Social Sonia:         Respect them

Christian:                Boss

Social Sonia:         Learn from them

Christian:                Rules

Social Sonia:         Are to break


Christian:                Yeah, I think that is what they are for.


Christian:                College

Social Sonia:         One word will be college it’s important to some people, but how can I say a “necessary” here we go.

Christian:                Fear

Social Sonia:         Motivator

Christian:                Weakness

Social Sonia:         Overcoming

Christian:                Strength

Social Sonia:         Polish

Christian:               Motivation

Social Sonia:         Everyday

Christian:                and books

Social Sonia:         Always

Christian:                Oh yeah, awesome, very cool yeah I mean I love trying to step you out of your comfort zone in see how you react

Social Sonia:         Yes it was hard actually do it in one word, but yeah if you want we can repeat something in one word

Christian:                Yeah that’s actually the hardest part, try to phrase, try to make it in a word, that’s pretty hard. Alright so before we leave I want to share with everybody that if they want to connect with you what are you up to what are you working on right now and how can they find more about you.

Social Sonia:         Right now, actually I’m working on launching my course and it’s called it is “Irresistible”,” Irresistible” is how to be irresistible to your clients and it’s all about really first learning about your clients, attracting them and learning about how to give them value and you can only give them value when you know what is their pain point and how to get a solution, so you give them value when you help them  solve the problem right and this way when you solve their problem you become irresistible. So it’s all about being irresistible with your blog, with your website, with your video, with your live video, with your Facebook adds, it’s all about really helping other people, giving them value and knowing what they want it’s a first round of course that is really teaching how to define, attract and convert your  ideal client and people can find actually if you are irresistible attract your perfect paying client the Facebook  group and if you go to bitly/masterirresistible you can find my Facebook group.

Christian:                And I’ll make sure that i get those things from you so we can post them on the show notes that you can find at all right, so just before you leave, so that we can leave it in a motivational note, what would you say to all the hustlers out there how would you motivate them?

Social Sonia:         First of all, work on your drive and see what is it that drives you, think about it and until you figure it out, don’t do  anything else because that’s one thing that will actually fix everything else that is missing, because what really drives you is something that will help you figure out in that normally see obstacles or anything that’s holding you back.  So see what drives you, what really drives you and see what are your strength, work on it and show up and tell people who you are and how you can help them.

Christian:                Awesome alright well Social Sonja thank you so much for  taking the time to talk to me today and to all our hustlers that are listening and watching in our youtube as well very  excited very grateful to have you here and to have the opportunity to connect so hopefully we can do some stuff  together in the future.

Social Sonia:         Yes this was really honored to be here thank you so much for having me I really enjoy talking with you and just want to say you guys are in good hands this is this going to be great show, I can only see he’s amazing interview I really  enjoy talking with you so I’ll see you right guys thank you so much.

Christian:                Alright hustlers there you have it Social Sonja the amazing and incredible woman, full-time mom, successful entrepreneur and she’s just an incredible person. I had such a blast on her chat truly admire her for all of what she’s done so hustlers please you know pay attention to this message, pay attention to the entrepreneurs that we have in the show, because their inspiring stories they’re real inspiring stories of how other people are hustling and how every day they struggle, but they keep pushing and they keep pushing until they succeed and remember that you can find all the show notes and the link to connect with social Sonia as well at Alright, so that’s it for today I hope you join us in our next episode as we have another story you know you know the drill here thank you so very much for tuning in and I hope you tune in back again on our next episode as we will have another life-changing amazing story okay keep hustling.

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