THS11: Turning Doodles into a 1M Biz with Juliette Brindak





Show Notes:

Have you ever had doubts of starting a business because you’re too young? Well, sit tight as Juliette Brindak, who started at the age of 16, shares the story of how she turned doodles into a million dollar business. Her journey is such an inspiration to thousands of young entrepreneurs, as her story is now being told on a new YouTube Red Original show “Hyperlinked”.

Juliette is a real entrepreneurial inspiration for teenage girls who dream big and are not afraid of going after what they want. After several years of struggles and hustling (which are shared on this episode), Juliette and all her family turned their business into an amazing family owned business.

This is an amazing hustling story that you can’t miss! Tune in now and get ready for the journey with Juliette.


Hyperlink on YouTube Red


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