THS 9: How to Outsource and 10x Your Productivity with Jeff J Hunter





Show Notes:

On today’s episode Jeff J Hunter from 9010 Lifestyle shares his amazing story of how he left his 6-Figure “Day Job” as a project manager. He shares his struggle to get his wife onboard with his Virtual Assistant Services business idea and at the same time was going through some very tough challenges in his family.

Jeff has created the 9010 Life Program, a 6-Week Program to Automate, Systematize and Delegate businesses to run themselves – all powered by simple technology and of course – virtual assistants! He has given entrepreneurs and business owners the secrets to outsourcing to work on your business, rather than working in your business. His amazing personality and all the achievements and getting others to “Hustle” on the RIGHT things made Jeff the perfect guest for The Hustle Show, even though is well known as the Anti-hustler (lol!)

Get access to his free webinar training that he mentions on the episode here:

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