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On Episode 3, Jeremy Wenger shares his amazing story of how he turned his past tragedies into a successful company. Jeremy helps other entrepreneurs to get back on their feet when they somebody close to them pass away. Jeremy is an extraordinary man, looking to change people’s life and his message is absolutely mind blowing!

Jeremy talked about some super cool tricks to stop your negative thoughts from controlling your life… In fact, he made me tried them while we were chatting and I’ve been practicing them ever since… They’re so simple, yet so powerful! I was able to breakthrough those thoughts in less than 20 seconds! If you ever feel blocked and full of doubt, this is an episode you can’t miss!


Connect with Jeremy on his amazing community: Stronger in Community


Video Transcript:

Christian: Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.

Hey, hustlers. My name is Christian and I am the host of the hustle show thank you so much for tuning in today, I’m very excited and very grateful to have you here on today’s episode the hassle show episode number three.

I’m very excited for our guest today Jeremy Wenger, because he’s going to talk to us about how he was able to overcome some of the worst feelings that you can feel in your life overcome them make them a business a passionate business and start monetizing it, on top of that he has great insights on how to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones and how to stay motivated when things get rough.

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Christian: Today’s show we have Jeremy, welcome Jeremy

Jeremy Wenger: Hey thank you for having me man.

Christian: Yeah no I’m very excited to have you here and to share your story man I know you do a lot of great things for other people you try to help them to overcome when they lose somebody and you know try them to come back to life, so you know I want to do everybody to hear your story and how you how are you doing this and basically just share your hustle story.

Jeremy Wenger: My parents doesn’t want to understand there is a dysfunctional family suffered multiple forms of abuse privately probably from my dad and now I start my marketing but ironically enough because my mom made me go work with my dad which I hated and a tiny slice of it but I learned a lot from him what to do, what not to do, one of them being able to talk with people and you could not communicate to save his life and the employees didn’t really respect him because you see him was towards me in public and it wasn’t a great person and well people person. I mean kind of hard a goal but just didn’t know much on some areas but and so the employees want me to cry wolf and so I had a position of leverage and that’s where I used it to bring peace in the atmosphere and working for six half years but that’s where up to I was going to think my life at 16 but that’s when I actually receive Jesus in my heart and that’s what I’d turn my life around what caused me to actually forgive my dad and our relationship was being restored up to night that I wanted to see him, I can actually open my heart to see him.

Then, after I went to go see him and the following Sunday we got called the other part and we were actually on the way to family, to the family reunion every that we go to every year 12 hours away we got the phone call and entertaining people and so going through all of that and God brought me through all of that and they finally found the guy is accused for is a homicide last September in 2016 it’s like a switch was just flipped in me I mean going to different business ventures and stuff was missionaries for a year, we’re the national four years ago and just always I found myself helping people and their strategy and they’re finding a message and it’s like the sort of sled and like there are so many people that need healing and you know it’s like that the phrase when you people have a bit what people go buy a motorcyclist, don’t want to talk to anyone other friends have a motorcycle because you’re going to tell them by the time that they did crash and let him know that the time that they will crash and I don’t want to talk about it and but the same thing with people, there’s two groups of people that ones that have lost loved ones, and those that will but yeah just it’s like some will say, I thought to myself like man I know that I was struggling with, I think about what I went through and what I overcame and I just found myself being able to be there for people that I normally, people normally wouldn’t be able to I mean if people were socially to share my story but I forgave the guy who killed my dad like I had no animosity you know I we are dead plenary hearing and it’s graduated grand jury, I’ve been waiting six years with this guy dead me not to say look at I forgave you to Jesus lives and that’s it that’s what I’m waiting for six or seven years now oh, now it’s in the process of me being able to do that, so I’m in this adventure to tell them this and the right channel is where you’ll actually receive it doesn’t in cares, I just done my part found myself being able to really connect with people and help them and love them in their and their the progress in their work and it’s met people just think and thank me and it’s driving because by oh cool and notice this is an honor like you know this is something you can’t put a price tag, you can’t sell this of course and because everyone’s different you know, yeah there’s something that people go through and that their situations are different but the route is the same and that’s why it’s just been amazing and it all goes back to community early does.

Christian: Right, I mean it’s pretty shocking your story but at the same time it’s a pretty interesting story of how you turn it around man so that’s kudos to you, I mean you were able to turn it around and because I know how many people when something like that happens they just cannot let go, they cannot forgive and the only thing that they caused is themselves I mean they harm themselves by living in this with repression and with all this mixed feelings, they’re torturing themselves

Jeremy Wenger: And that’s a huge thing that’s what I found a lot of people are, many people are struggling with so many different things like the shame for what they like, I wish I could hit that better, I was there something I should have done, say someone lost a new born, her husband have seen that will feel, the husband feel helpless or they could have done something or that they feel subconsciously responsible for something they can’t put a finger on it

Christian: Yeah I mean there’s, when you’re doing things for passion and that’s what I keep telling everybody when you’re really in your inner passion, you do it for living there’s really no price for that.

Jeremy Wenger: At all energized derived with you, no matter how tired you are, you want to be like you want to donate sleep like man here you go Goodwill, and chuck it your PayPal at somebody and then that way you get rest like rebooted like [unclear 08:20] is in the same plug but not well you rebooted up man and it’s amazing but that’s one of the coolest things is that took me a long time to learn that too I was always I had to be hard on my sockets or trim your hard pay your dues but we got you have to be able to put in the hard work of why I put we’re focused on what you’re passionate about right yes, if you need a job, go get a job, look at the someone’s doing simply somewhere what you’re passionate about learn don’t jump out both feet first like, who did and risk everything I like it was I went through my ups and downs [unclear 09:00] been homeless and been up taking a big hit last month but bounced back it but it’s like that’s the ups and downs of entrepreneurship of people being able to define your passion first then understand the timing like that’s huge, we have to be able to we have to be able to categorize it because no matter what we do when it’s our passion, it’s everything else we do you can cut the grass, you can go wash the dishes, you can go take a train in the store and you’re always learning something new about that it’s because you’re obsessed that, that’s your goal to be average but I also don’t stuff that people throw but close them in the right way the base value 100% and but it’s like because when you’re passionate about you’re not going to be forced you’re going to be understanding you’re going to also put towards effort to create that experience that you know because you’re in love with that prospect you want to create that aspect for that experience and it just it truly about bringing not like you know what I mean by saying love yours your compassion your caring for them because it’s not a price tag, it’s a beating heart that you’re taking care of and if you’re not adding value then what’s the point, it’s absolutely ridiculous and so I thought waiting it defined that start putting effort towards to chip away at or jump in if you’re bug food if you’re in a good state.

Christian: Yeah! So, how was the evolution? How did you turn all this passion and all of this conversation with people and meeting people and trying to help them? How are you able to transition from that into a business? How are you able to turn it into a business?

Jeremy Wenger: Yeah that’s a good question man, because I was battling with it for a while, I couldn’t find it in myself to get to charge for like my service, I’m not a psychiatrist never have been care to be like vinegar, I’ve been to one because, I prescribed me ADHD medication when I was younger surprise right, now but it was interesting but like I never really done anything out of it and I just it was to the point where I going through school go through different things and looking back like always an entrepreneurial minded I mean I was selling skills at harbors of middle school for a buck a pop and it was awesome now I would go to the school backpack full of star versus fiddled and I would go probably a couple hundred bucks a week and they look like a yeah this is fun and just go but that’s where it’s like looking back I always have my attention an opportunity where I can actually truly bad value that but I can lay my head down on the pillow at night sleep peacefully it’s like “how do you how do you monetize your passion without making yourself cringe? Yeah because you would do it for free though you’ve been doing it for like your life you’ve been thinking about it non-stop and but it’s like it came to a point where like you know what I’m going to find out partnering up organizations that are in with the same passion this way as like we’re going to rule out any about subscription so this way I can’t focus 100% on creating more content and building more of a better experience for people and it just going to be great I’m actually talking up here in Nashville and so it’s been a lot of speaking with people like them and other organizations that are doing very well, and so that’s where that’s at and then also having a greeting cards gifting service it’s working the funeral homes and helping to your business owners actually set in the gap after like the four week 4 week period after the funeral but people go back to normal lives helping them brand themselves you know sometimes faster a very unique way.

Christian: Wow that’s amazing man, I mean it does sound like you’re pretty busy though, that’s good you know it’s always better to keep busy but I mean what you do is truly admire or do that you started doing it basically just for the passion and later on you try to monetize it later but when you started monetizing it did you have any doubts that you could actually get a buck for what were you doing

Jeremy Wenger: Oh! yeah and so it’s like it was interesting because we hadn’t rolled out the monthly subscription yet but when it comes to the credit card service we’re having a lot of people that in the beginning said, we know about that, I was like look that’s why I can demand I help you out it’s been amazing that’s the thing a lot going on once having writing in place and passionate man

Christian: That passion driving you there, so when you say we in delegating do have a team or it’s a just yourself

Jeremy Wenger: Oh yeah, oh my goodness, I would not be able to do this alone I think

Christian: Did you ever thought that you were not somebody that could actually start and run a business doing this in your industry or how was that feeling what work, what kind of thoughts that you have back then

Jeremy Wenger: Absolutely man, like those are thoughts or you cannot escape those thoughts like we’re in a story when you’re about to jump out your passion and do something really out deeply even hustle for what it is that you want do don’t you cannot avoid the start entering in your mind period, by its always happen no matter what because it’s like saying oh I’m going to start a business and be like oh yeah no problem oh yeah, there’s nothing bad going to happen just luck but it’s like there’s always going to be bad no matter what you do and so you’re going to face challenges period, if you don’t have tough skin to turn the handle when you’re going on right now, please do everyone in your life a favor and don’t start that because this principle of what happens small stuff will always be amplified bigger set and what you’re doing in the small things right now will always be a part of what you’re going to do.

It’s not easy quiet everyone would do it but also it’s not been forever like period and a lot of people are getting this is something I actually get job, I noticed a lot of people are getting on now you got to be an entrepreneur to be successful even you have to be an entrepreneur to be good enough, when in reality 20 of the world’s billionaires are employed, this is the point where countless trucks imply of your strand spent because they’re never going to be able to escape those thoughts but what you do what you enjoy you’re always going to be energized and it all goes back to you joy all that’s the root of it all because those thoughts that come across your mind you have to be able to speak out the right things to defeat those mindsets right that’s when the biggest things growing up is people we have those cycle routes and our thought processes you’ve got things are going to fly over a head but also you have those things that we’re going to be able to from our childhood they will creep up period into sorts a lot of things that we struggle with that’s why a super core for masterminds to be able to get in those tight circles to help you overcome those things and it’s not like people but at the same time it’s something we really have to be able to connect and help each other in our, think about like this, this is really cool, right now you start to think in your mind to one exam when I tell you to say your name, I’m not going to tell you what, I want you to say your name, mind’s eye and so I want you to start counting from actually what count from 1 to 25 in your mind by a little start counting in your mind and when I try to figure in vertically say your name

Christian: Christian

Jeremy Wenger: What happened up here did you center button stop, Yeah! that’s how we control our thoughts whatever just come into our mind, you speak things that we need to, do what you don’t feel like doing or say what you know you need to say about yourself, the true about yourself, even if you don’t feel like saying it, will feel like it after you say it and that’s super crucial man, and that is a truth that work forever.

Be so if you speak health of your body, if you speak speaking to your business and saying things are going to work out, it’s going to be fine, I will get a contract to meet my needs to feed my family to be my niece to be my bills and a little I thought I want to, it will come to pass the law grab into a story so yeah there’s always going to be those thoughts but it’s a matter of being able to really be able to speak healthy things like reading things over myself to love ourselves first before we give to other people it’s fantastic but it’s going to be sword once I asked things breaking the snow screw and the stain consistent and not giving up yeah you don’t give up period.

Christian: You’re definitely right on that, I think persistence is probably one of the key elements on entrepreneurship not giving up and even the odds look pretty bad you keep going you keep hustling and you keep just at it, so if that’s your mindset towards entrepreneurship what would you say then is the secret for success for you?

Jeremy Wenger: You know, the biggest thing is finding your passion, we always want to know what is that one Domino that’s not everything else in place people are those rude gold berg machine now looks like that we love those things as a kid and that’s like business we want to know that one thing don’t know what not all of these in place because we might come to our passion that’s what’s going to hold everything together for what I’ve seen people that have connected with you are doing seven eight years and then that’s what they always talked about and here’s the thing, this is going to help a lot of people too, when you reach out to somebody social media do not ever ask them what they do ever please for dear God don’t, because this is what I’ve seen that allowed me to connect with people who are like me, I mean hello you’ll just get that without being like horribly built on tripping up in my hood roof up like no one cares, because anyone got upward anyone give the Philippines anyway go to things it out undercut you any day of the week and so the story behind what got you to where you are is your passion and the things that help you stay in brain and what you’re doing in focus that is key and because what are the biggest things that what happened to give a done month, what happens when your bank is zero, what happens when you walk into men and you’re overdrawn trader dogs and every single one of your accounts you win a $30,000 investment, how do you do that? Staying focused forget about the negativity forget about your circumstance, forget what is happing wrong right now, stay in focus to where are you going of course do not ignore what’s going on take the prostrate measures and if you take the right measures of getting that would know what happened but sometimes it does happen no matter what, that’s life but the biggest thing is your passion you, after you find your passion is crucial because, for me I mean I found my passions is staying connected with Jesus Christ that’s not where I try route everything, I’m not perfect I’ve never find to be thank God because there I’m not going to try to hold ups in someone else has done that but the biggest thing is that’s where I stand up with my reason that’s where your regardless finding your passion that is the number one thing for success, is finding your passion and finding a way decree like if you’re not able to pay bills and passion okay do what you have to do right now and put money aside stop trying to get so impatient I’m just because somebody around the podcast watching this man in sight so I’m so going to be watching this as years has been you need to hone down on your passion and stop trying to figure out everything in the Sun no matter how crazy or how awesome Bit-coin may be if you’re not passionate about it stop trying to share it out yeah I have nothing against a big point is cooling off intriguing but like go for practical so much when it comes to legalities and business and insurance and making sure that the customer experience is 100% Rock-star experience I mean thinking about behind when you went through experience that you will never forget you need to be able to provide that kind of experience in your passion you can’t do it right now, do what you can with what you have until you can grow into what you want to be and that is so important like that is something that I really didn’t want to stress to everyone that’s watching this yeah like for me there’s so many creative ways to be able to bring your passion to the market but for what it is make sense and to like it has to be able to free value if this is home with one person fantastic that’s all that that’s all matters the most to me why that’s all I care about and so that that is super crucial man just finding your passion it really is.

Christian: Yeah, I agree with you, so hopefully all the hassle are listening to this, resonate with this message and you know take you on this and this advice I mean you know go look for your passion and go put everything you got on it, changing gears a little bit from your story towards what I like to call the hassle round, where I’m basically going to give you award and you’re going to tell me the first word that comes into your mind, it should be one single ward okay, I don’t want full explanation just a single word that comes to your mind when you hear whatever I say, are you ready?

Jeremy Wenger: You want to go there?

Christian: Yeah, it’s just one word that’s your limit, let go there hustle, work, yeah the work, work, okay work except now, I meant the next word yeah is work

Christian: Are you cheering me oh stress

Jeremy Wenger: Employee

Christian: Liability, that’s shitting no, yeah now ambassador but that’s all forward but no structure

Jeremy Wenger: College

Christian: West

Jeremy Wenger: Fear

Christian: Useless

Jeremy Wenger: Weakness

Christian: Vulnerability

Jeremy Wenger: Strength

Christian: Servitude

Jeremy Wenger: Motivation

Christian: Crucial

Jeremy Wenger: Books


Christian: Cool! We made it through [Laughter] that’s awesome man and just before we end up the show and we closed up looks like we made it with that battery with that (40%) forty percent battery on your phone, I know we’ve been talking about it throughout the episode about how to you know a message that you want to share with the hustlers that are listening to us right now something motivational to keep them going to keep them hustling or whatever they’re doing either their passion or the business or even if they’re still employee and they’re trying to take that leap you know what would you say to them to motivate them

Jeremy: One very quiet thing, whatever you’re focusing on and whatever you’re driving to fall in love with who you’re going to serve and the power that you’re going to obtain from what you’re doing is just another level of servant-hood and that’s the only reason why you’re given the gifts that you have to serve better until you have that mindset you will never reach the potential that you have on the inside of you fall in love with who you’re going to serve in the magnet and do what you can that right there is what’s going to truly make the Gateway or just pay the road for how the result you want to be at and the timeframe but also it’s going to create a sort of just really pull out the passion inside of you but until you fall in love with the people and I mean all in the way that I say it, you have to be able to fall in love with the people you’re about to serve in the gifts in the products that you’re going to bring to the marketplace because that’s exactly what you’re doing essentially it is serving, its until you bring that value you’ll never ever reach that that pinnacle point of where you’re supposed to be at, until you have that mindset you’re always in the fall short.

So I encourage you wherever you’re at and your entrepreneur journey the minor if you’re CEO of a nine-figure company down to the guy who’s just starting a bootstrapping stuff fall in love with the people that you’re serving because those are not numbers those are actual people every statistic every CPC, every CPA yare, yare, yah you have good client acquisition you get is the beating heart is connected to families and people who need what you have you will never ever and see that so you have that mindset serve until you can’t serve anymore that’ll be your legacy just stay rightful sandwich you enjoy, they’re going to think about where to enjoy, it means to be the prefix EN means to be inside of so when you’re living your passion you’re doing what you enjoy always be inside to enjoy you’ll always be happy, you’ll always find a solution percent you’re getting is so creative and find a way to do it you’re not going to be focused on the problems the problems will come and go it’s like feelings so it’s so important to stay focused in your passion which you enjoy it so that we live inside of that state of mind and you’re going to add tracks only fonts and things and it’s going to be great for you and you’ll be living your dream no matter what state of the process you’re at just enjoy the journey in and just stay focused in your passion because that also create understanding and create which will create patience because you can’t be patient unless you understand these are going to work out you can’t understand things are going to work out unless you do what you enjoy because you’re always being addressed by it and that is crucial.

Christian: Very cool, I love that man and so just before me we leave here the call anyway the people can connect with you at a website or anything that people can follow you

Jeremy Wenger: Right there. You Google my name, first in the world, that’s kidding, muttering possible number one the world but it’s like but felt like able to join a search like for Jeremy winger you know but they can just actually, I tell you what to get my journal that’s what I want them to do just go to my facebook page send me a message and a walking through all that, chat all Watson to that, I’m give them access because once they go through that on my facebook Page they’ll be able to get broadcasts for if they have lost loved one if they haven’t updates for upcoming events special guest speakers and sorts so I think that’s going to be the best way to go to my facebook page Jeremy wingers page or Jimmy winger official on Facebook and then go through there and that way they get that and they can get updates for their interest nobody likes spam for all the involvement stuff.

Christian: Very cool, yeah and I’ll make sure that I have all those links I’ll make sure that I link it in the page notes in our website they also show that code

Jeremy Wenger: I’ll just like if you want just me forward slash Jeremy your official and they can all just shoot me a message through there and I’ll just keep them up

Christian: Yeah that’s the link you share with me right? Yeah, welcome okay cool in fact we’re working out okay cool, I’ll shoot another message to see it in action there you go okay, all right well thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us man and you know giving us all this motivational message for everybody out there there’s hustling or that could possibly lose somebody but not only that I mean getting prepared as well because we all going to lose everybody we’re you know that is the only sure thing that we have in life so thank you so much for chatting with us and for connecting

Jeremy Wenger: I can appreciate the time and I really appreciate the opportunity for you allowing me to come on here and just share my heart man, I can’t thank you enough it’s refreshing and so appreciated.

Christian: So there you have it Jeremy Wenger an amazing and incredible hustler story and some very useful actionable tips that he shared with us especially the one where he made me count from 1 to 25 and literally when he asked me to say my name out loud the numbers stop in my head and ever since he told me that trick I’ve been applying it every day every time I have a negative thought or every time I feel like I’m having a bad day I just yell out and I just say it out loud whatever positive thing I want either I love my show I’m a very positive person I’m successful going to hit my goals very soon whatever your goal is just say it aloud is truly incredible the way that it breaks your negativity it just shifts your mind immediately within a few seconds you choose your mind choose you break those thoughts and you basically turn them around and make them more positive any who, thank you so very much for listening to the episode today to the hustle show episode number three remember that you can find all the show notes that we talked about including the way to contact Jeremy in case you want to prepare for somebody that may leave soon or if you love somebody recently make sure you connect with him he’s an amazing guy he’s super funny he was an incredible guest he he’s so positive his self-pumped he’s just an amazing person to connect with to talk to and I truly believe that he can help you overcome those challenges in your life okay and if you want to connect they treated you go to the hustle show co/th3 where we will have the show notes and we have the link directly to connect with Jeremy and make sure you tune in on our next episode next Monday it’s going to be truly amazing it’s an inspiring Hustler story of how this person was able to come into the U.S.A not knowing a bit of English learn English she became a top leader in her industry and she shares with us how she was able to do it and how you can apply those same strategies and tactics that she’s going to share on our the hustle show episode 4 so make sure you tune in next week on Monday and remember that you can watch all our episodes on our youtube channel or you can listen in our audio experience alright keep hustling


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