THS 6: How to Go From a 9 to 5 To $30k a Month Business with Heather DeSantis





Show Notes:


On THS 6 my very good friend Heather DeSantis joins us to share with us the story behind quitting her $50k a year job in her early 20s to start and become a PR Agency making $30k per month!

Her story is definitely one that you must listen and pay attention. I met Heather a month after she had quit her job. I saw Heather go through all the struggles, working all day on her business, working a low paying part-time job to pay the bills, and now having her own team of PR experts and taking care of dozens of entrepreneurs’ public relations.

I’m very proud of everything that Heather has achieved and it’s inspiring to hear her story and all what she’s been through… She makes us understand that there is absolutely nothing that can stop us to accomplish our goals and make our dreams come true.

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