THS12: Goal Setting the Right Way with Rachel Michaelov





Show Notes:

Goal setting is something that I’m particularly interested in, as I’ve seen the power that it does to your life when you do it properly. Rachael Michaelov from Empire Tax USA share the story of her 12-year journey as an entrepreneur owning and running a successful accounting firm.

Rachel shares why she had to leave her job without any cushion or side hustle to rely on, but she believed so much in herself that she quit the same day she thought about it. She’s an incredible woman and I admire her courage to go after her dreams. Along her journey she has met with so many entrepreneurs and learned so much from them, so she shares her top secrets to goal setting and how she’s able to achieve her goals on time.


Quote from Rachel Michaelov:

“No, don’t tell me what I’m worth, I’ll tell you what I’m worth”
-Rachel Michaelov


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