THS13: Wealth, Money, and Zero Taxes with Cheryl Fields





Show Notes:

Wealth, money and zero taxes is what Cheryl Fields from Lifestyle Wealth Group and author of “Zero is the New Million” shares with us today. Cheryl has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years and for the last 5 years she has been focusing on becoming the most transparent financial adviser, helping people to get their finances back in place by using the tax code to your advantage. (She actually shares something crazy during the episode about taxes you’re paying right now).

Cheryl had many, many struggles and ups-and-downs on all the different businesses she started throughout her entrepreneurial life. She was nearly bankrupt on one of her businesses even though when the company was booming and growing like crazy! But her passion and drive got her through the roller coster and she’s now sharing her journey with you and me.


Quote from Cheryl Fields:

“Life is Not Hard, Life Experience is What’s Hard”

-Cheryl Fields


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