THS16: How Live an Impactful Life with Mike Flynn




Show Notes:

Quote of the Day: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” -Dalai Lama


Today’s episode is a very motivational story. Mike Flynn who’s been an entrepreneur for 13 years shares his journey with us; all the struggles and things he had to overcome in the financial industry. While being in financial services, Mike realized that the greatest crisis people face is not a financial one, but rather a crisis of purpose. Mike then started The Impact Entrepreneur platform in 2015 (which began with a podcast) to help people have an encounter with their own potential.

He’s currently writing a book, and while running his amazing family business, he manages to be a great father, husband, and still have time to take care of himself.


Quote from Mike Flynn

“We posses every skill to succeed in a massive way” -Mike Flynn


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