Show Notes: On today’s episode, Social Sonja shares great insights with us about how she always thought that being jack of all trades and offering variety of marketing services would help her position her business. She soon realized that by focusing on one thing and get to be known as an expert in that […]

   Show Notes On this episode, Ramon Smothers from joins us to share his incredible journey of how he was able to overcome his biggest fears, how he turned his life around when everything went wrong for him, and how he was able to build a successful online business blogging. Ramon is a true […]

   Show Notes On today’s episode, we have an amazing chat with David Markovich from Online Geniuses, an incredible Slack community for marketers. David Markovich grew this community from 200 to 20,000 members, providing incredible content to all its members including meetups and conferences around the country. David’s passion towards communities led him to create […]

   Today, I’m writing you from the heart (And I will continue doing it moving forward on this Vlog). This message is for all fellow entrepreneurs and wantpreneurs: a few days ago I had another amazing chat with my fiance about our future, and I had one of the biggest “aha” moments in my life… […]